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Today in the Canyon

The following report was sent via e-mail by Duncan Baird. Thanks Duncan, for everything!  ~B~

Sand Bagging Supplies40 cubic yards of “material” was delivered by the Public Works Dept. to the overflow parking area of the Vogel Flats Picnic Area. The “material” came from the PW yard in La Crescenta.

3000 empty white plastic sand bags were also delivered by the County FD at the same location. (Art Vander Vis sent photos to all of you of the dirt and empty dirtbags).

I met this morning with Chris Stone in the Canyon. (Stone is Bill Saunder’s boss). He looked over our situation and was non-committal regarding “K” rail placement along your side (the river side) of Stonyvale. He did commit to email back to you (Adi) and I regarding the placement of sand bags and/or “K” rails. I explained to him our timeline as it relates to the work that the Baptists are going to begin next week. Mike Studebaker told me that his goal was to finish their work by Thanksgiving.

I briefly got involved in cat trap placement by my cement mixer.

Trent Sanders showed up in the canyon. (He is the former owner and builder of Bert and Catherine’s home). He had not been in the Canyon since he left 15 years ago. He lives in La Canada now.

I got some bad news from Verizon. They are NOT putting in fiber optic. The info about fiber optic that I had been given a couple of weeks ago was grossly erroneous. So, we’re back to HughsNet or dial-up, Oh, poop! And my dish MELTED!

It got very windy and therefore way too dusty to do much work.


Photo provided by Arthur Vander Vis, PE
Area Engineer
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Flood Maintenance, West Area

Verizon Adds Free Service Restoral to Relief Efforts for Southern California Wildfires

Firefighters, Evacuees Depend on Network Performance, Free Communications

Services to Remain Connected During Emergency

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Verizon has expanded wildfire relief efforts to include free service restoral for customers who have lost their home in the fires, which have burned more than 150,000 acres across Southern California.

As part of ongoing assistance for fire victims, Verizon is waiving charges for home-phone customers who move service to a new house or who re-establish service at their original location after they have rebuilt. These customers can also opt for free call forwarding or free voice mail service for up to 12 months, as can customers who have been forced to temporarily evacuate because of the wildfires. Verizon is making similar free services available to businesses that have to relocate because of the fires.

Residential customers who need these services should call Verizon at 1-800-483-1000; business customers should call 1-800-483-2000.   Continue reading →

Verizon Phone Service Info

I finally called Verizon yesterday and found out that they have a “Service Recovery” program for customers whose service is interrupted as ours has been. With this program Verizon will forward your residence phone line to a different number at no charge while your service is interrupted.

To contact Verizon, call (800) 483-1000. And make sure you mention the Service Recovery Program.