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Update from Mike McIntyre 5 pm Sat Jan 23

5 pm Sat and just got off the phone with the LA County Road head for the area. Apparently a segment of one lane of the Angeles Forest Hwy has slipped away between Big Tujunga and the Crest Hwy so expect that area to be out of action for awhile. Gate at Vogel still closed. Vogel down to Stonyvale turning left (towards La Paloma) has a lot of rocks that cars can’t get through, but if they get equipment down there they may be able to punch one lane through the debris. Moving downstream along Stonyvale, the dual culvert crossing just before Vogel private and the right into Vogel Forest Cabins has the culverts plugged and the dirt has totally filled the channel going back upstream. Water is just going over the road. They will try and get a backhoe in to move dirt to allow the water to flow in the channel.

Bottomline is that Big Tujunga road still has slide material on it in several places reducing the road width. As such, it is still closed but they are planning on issuing a press release, once they get all the slides cleared, when it will be open to residents, emergency traffic and contractors.

Keep in mind that if they can’t get it open safely before the next rain and the rain is forecasted to be significant, they may leave it closed till after the rain. Remember, they are only clearing the mud off the road, they haven’t started on clearing the plugged drains which caused the mud to flow on the road. The next rain can put water and mud back on the road if the drains aren’t functioning which means we could be back to square one.

Sorry about the pendulum on this but we are going to take our cue from the county.

3 pm Sat Jan 23 Update from Mike McIntyre

Cabins at La Paloma, Stonyvale, Vogel, and Trailunga visited. All in good shape. However, the road across to La Paloma still has water going over it and a regular car may not make it up to the cabins. There may be some road clearing issues on the other side of the water crossing. The road up to Trail Canyon was examined from Big T with normal rutting observed, no large slides but no one went into Trail Canyon Trailhead or canyons.

The county roads behind all the lock gates (Clear Creek and Big T) was driven, passable with some washouts). County working on the problem at the City limits and making good progress.

Storm Warning Notification for the LA River Ranger District

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 17:10:16 -0800
From: Mike McIntyre
Subject: Storm Warning Notification for the Los Angeles River Ranger District

As per the Forest Storm Response Guide, I am issuing a Storm Warning due to the high probability of hazardous weather/rain event occurring next week.  We will be monitoring the reports/predictions from the Weather Service and will be making a decision in the next day or so about if and when to go to Storm Alert.  It is at Storm Alert that Forest Service residents and employees are relocated out of the affected area, public access is prohibited in the affected area, and Special Use Permits may be suspended in the affected area.

Bottomline is that personal safety is your responsibility but that does not give you the final say on whether you decide to stay or not.  I hope that you will exercise the sound judgment to not put yourself in harms way and make that decision prior to any threats materializing.

On another note, Los Angeles County Public Works has installed gates on their roads within the Station Burn area to help facilitate any hard closures that they implement.   These are their gates and they control who they will give permission to go through the gates.  We have a lock on the gates and i know there are some of you non-FS persons that have keys to access the Forest Service locks due to the nature of your presence on the Forest.  That being said, our lock on the County’s gates is only to be accessed by Forest Service persons in official status.  If a non-forest service person is found to have access through the gate using a Forest Service key, then the key will be returned to the District and no key issued to that person in the future.  If you feel the need to get access through the County gates, you will need to contact Mark Caddick of LACo Public Works/Roads at 661-947-7173 x222.

Michael J. McIntyre
District Ranger
Los Angeles River Ranger District
12371 North Little Tujunga Canyon Road
San Fernando, CA 91342
(818) 899-1900 ext. 223
(818) 896-6727 (FAX)

“Don’t Accept The Norm…..It is
Somebody Else’s Compromise”

For the 10-Day forecast, go to:

Planned Road Closures

Just to let you know, the LA County Department of Public Works has three (3) planned road closures in the Angeles Forest. These are “hard” closures, which means no one gets in except emergency response personnel.

For the latest update, go to: http://gis.dpw.lacounty.gov/roadclosures/

The current information as of this writing is given below.


Street – From/To Reason Expected Closure On Estimated Reopening
Angeles Forest Hwy From Aliso Cyn Rd To Angeles Crest Hwy Closed Due To Storm As Of 5:00pm, 12/06/09 12-06-2009 12-12-2009
Big Tugunga Cyn Rd From La City Limit To Angeles Forest Hwy Cloased Due To Storm As Of 5:00pm, 12/06/09 12-06-2009 12-12-2009
Upper Big Tujunga Cyn Rd From Angeles Forest Hwy To Angeles Crest Hwy Closed Due To Storm As Of 5:00pm, 12/06/09 12-06-2009 12-12-2009

The Coming Deluge…

Last night I finally made it to the Friday night meeting for Vogel Flats residents, and over the next several days you will be hearing more from me about it. But before I can take my night’s ease and try to get a nap in before tackling tomorrow’s tasks, I wanted to put the word out that everyone who survived the Station Fire, and I mean everyone, is thinking and worrying about what this Winter’s rains will bring down.

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