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Theodore Payne Foundation Hosts Gardeners’ Roundtable

Become a better native plant gardener! Join the Theodore Payne Foundation for 90 confidence-building minutes of casual Q&A and experience sharing between class members and TPF staff. Bring your most pressing questions. Class size limited to 10.

When: Sat, March 20, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Where: Theodore Payne Foundation
10459 Tuxford Street
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Fees: $10, members. $15, non-members.

For more info visit the Theodore Payne Foundation‘s website:  http://www.theodorepayne.org/

Planned Road Closures

Just to let you know, the LA County Department of Public Works has three (3) planned road closures in the Angeles Forest. These are “hard” closures, which means no one gets in except emergency response personnel.

For the latest update, go to: http://gis.dpw.lacounty.gov/roadclosures/

The current information as of this writing is given below.


Street – From/To Reason Expected Closure On Estimated Reopening
Angeles Forest Hwy From Aliso Cyn Rd To Angeles Crest Hwy Closed Due To Storm As Of 5:00pm, 12/06/09 12-06-2009 12-12-2009
Big Tugunga Cyn Rd From La City Limit To Angeles Forest Hwy Cloased Due To Storm As Of 5:00pm, 12/06/09 12-06-2009 12-12-2009
Upper Big Tujunga Cyn Rd From Angeles Forest Hwy To Angeles Crest Hwy Closed Due To Storm As Of 5:00pm, 12/06/09 12-06-2009 12-12-2009

Debris Flows This Winter

Following the Kagel Canyon Meeting last week, I wanted to find a video on debris flows in order to illustrate what we’re up against this coming Winter. I believe this is the same footage that Sue Perry from the USGS used in her PowerPoint presentation. FWIW, this is what sold me on how dangerous this Winter is going to be!

Enjoy…. I think…


The Coming Deluge…

Last night I finally made it to the Friday night meeting for Vogel Flats residents, and over the next several days you will be hearing more from me about it. But before I can take my night’s ease and try to get a nap in before tackling tomorrow’s tasks, I wanted to put the word out that everyone who survived the Station Fire, and I mean everyone, is thinking and worrying about what this Winter’s rains will bring down.

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Station Fire, One Month After


Stonyvale Residence Engulfed in FlamesIt’s hard to believe that the Station Fire roared through Big Tujunga Canyon a month ago. In some ways it seems like five minutes ago. In other ways it seems like a lifetime.

In the month since the fire I have gotten to know my neighbors better than I had in thirty years of coming to the canyon, or in ten years of being a resident, myself. This month has taught me about the warmth of strangers, and frustration with  bureaucracies to a greater degree than I realized was possible. So many lessons, so many insights.

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