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The Coming Deluge…

Last night I finally made it to the Friday night meeting for Vogel Flats residents, and over the next several days you will be hearing more from me about it. But before I can take my night’s ease and try to get a nap in before tackling tomorrow’s tasks, I wanted to put the word out that everyone who survived the Station Fire, and I mean everyone, is thinking and worrying about what this Winter’s rains will bring down.

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Housing Assistance

Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles (HACLA – Section 8 )
Website: http://www.lacdc.org/CDCWebsite/AH/Applying.aspx?id=476

Individuals who have lost their housing due to the Station Fire may qualify for rental assistance under the Section 8 program. To check on eligibility requirements, go to the Housing Authority website, or call (562) 347-4663, option 2, or (800) 731-4663. Other housing information is available at the Housing Resource Center.