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Much of Angeles Forest to Open

As many of you know, there have been many, many rumors about when the Forest Service would reopen the Angeles, and about precisely how much of the forest would be reopened. At long last we have solid facts to relay.

Most of the Angeles is being reopened to the public next Monday, May 16, 2011. However, the Big Tujunga watershed is not part of the reopening because the damage to that part of the forest was more extreme.

The links below will take you to the official USFS press release, the PDF version of that release, as well as the official closure order and associated legals.



Angeles Reopening Press Release, May 12, 2011
This links to the online version of the official press release issued yesterday, May 12, 2011.

PDF Version, Angeles Reopening Press Release, May 12, 2011  PDF Version, Angeles Reopening Press Release, May 12, 2011
This is a PDF version of the press release. Special thanks to Paul Ayers for forwarding the press release in Word form.

Station Fire Closure Map
Note: While this is an official map from the USFS about the part of the Angeles Forest impacted by the Station Fire, it does not clearly show which parts of the forest are being reopened.

Station Fire Recovery Area Closure Order 01 11 03
This is the revised closure order for the Angeles Forest. It details which parts of the forest remain closed, who can use the forest, and what fines apply for those in violation of the closure.

Station Fire Recovery Area Legals Order 01 11 03
Legalese about the closure. (If you can understand it, more power to you.)


Angeles Forest Reopening, Mostly

Many thanks to Paul Ayers for forwarding the info from the 818 Now Blog and Glendale News Press announcing the reopening of the Angeles Forest! I’d like to add that the official order from the Forest Service (i.e. Jody Noiron) can be found here:

I would particularly invite you to take a look at “Exhibit B”, which is a map showing the extent of the burn area.

In a nutshell, Big Tujunga Canyon and all of the lands around it that were burned during the Station Fire will remain closed to the public until at least the end of the year, and maybe longer. Those of us with Special Use Permits, and those who own privately held lands within the burn area are, of course, allowed to enter the Forest and use our lots, make repairs, etc. Hikers, picnickers, and other members of the general public will have to wait a bit longer.

And there are more links below for your reading pleasure.


Angeles Forest Roads to Close Due to Anticipated Storm

The Los Angeles County Public Works Department has announced that due to the forecast weekend storm, it will close public access to almost all County roads within the Station Fire burn area as of 12 noon tomorrow, Friday, February 5, 2010.

The segment of Big Tujunga Canyon Road, from the Los Angeles City limit to Vogel Flats Road, will remain open to residents and construction crews. However, the road will be closely monitored during the storm and subject to closure if conditions warrant.

The remainder of Big Tujunga Canyon Road, the Angeles Forest Highway, and Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road, will close to all traffic except emergency vehicles, including Public Works personnel. Residents living in the burn areas will not be permitted to use the roads until the closures are lifted after the threat of rain or the storm system has passed and roadway debris and damage inspections are completed. Angeles Crest Highway (SR2) remains closed to all traffic.

For the latest CARE advisories, go to:


Update from Mike McIntyre 5 pm Sat Jan 23

5 pm Sat and just got off the phone with the LA County Road head for the area. Apparently a segment of one lane of the Angeles Forest Hwy has slipped away between Big Tujunga and the Crest Hwy so expect that area to be out of action for awhile. Gate at Vogel still closed. Vogel down to Stonyvale turning left (towards La Paloma) has a lot of rocks that cars can’t get through, but if they get equipment down there they may be able to punch one lane through the debris. Moving downstream along Stonyvale, the dual culvert crossing just before Vogel private and the right into Vogel Forest Cabins has the culverts plugged and the dirt has totally filled the channel going back upstream. Water is just going over the road. They will try and get a backhoe in to move dirt to allow the water to flow in the channel.

Bottomline is that Big Tujunga road still has slide material on it in several places reducing the road width. As such, it is still closed but they are planning on issuing a press release, once they get all the slides cleared, when it will be open to residents, emergency traffic and contractors.

Keep in mind that if they can’t get it open safely before the next rain and the rain is forecasted to be significant, they may leave it closed till after the rain. Remember, they are only clearing the mud off the road, they haven’t started on clearing the plugged drains which caused the mud to flow on the road. The next rain can put water and mud back on the road if the drains aren’t functioning which means we could be back to square one.

Sorry about the pendulum on this but we are going to take our cue from the county.