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L.A. Times Money Makeover

The Los Angeles Times is looking for people who would be interested in being profiled in an upcoming Money Makeover column, a popular feature that appears in the Sunday Business Section once a month. The article would describe specific financial challenges you face as a result of the wildfires, along with analysis and recommendations provided by a prominent financial planner for successfully addressing the issues. If appropriate, input from legal and/or insurance specialists might also be included.

The benefit of participating as the subject of a Money Makeover article is that you receive detailed advice from a reputable financial consultant at no cost – and readers of the Times benefit from seeing how strategies for overcoming financial challenges may be applicable to their own situations. A few months ago the Times contacted people who have been profiled in Money Makeover articles during the past two years, and everyone said that it was a positive experience. Many reported that, as a result of the interview and analysis, they had achieved major financial goals and resolved past issues and concerns related to money.

Do Your Part is bound by privacy disclosures and will not share your personal information or contact details with the L.A. Times. If you are interested in being considered for a Money Makeover profile, please provide a release to me and I will have the Los Angeles Time writer contact you.


Leslie Teltoe
Do Your Part Disaster/Donations Coordinator

Request from USGS

This came through from Sue Perry of the USGS. Given her involvement in advising local folks about debris flows, I’m inclined to assist her in any way possible. Thanks Sue!  ~B~

Please forward this to any who may be able to help —-

Throughout the next few winters, those of us near the Station Fire burn area can provide a service to scientists studying the debris flow risk after wildfires.

Scientists at the USGS use data from storm seasons to calibrate their debris flow understanding (and thus their warning systems). The more they know about actual flows, the better. Citizen reports can substantially improve the dataset, and thus the USGS is requesting your help. If at any time you witness earth moving (landslide, debris flow, mudflow, mudslide), please send an email to scperry@usgs.gov, with as much of the following information as you are able to provide:
(* MUST HAVE items are asterisked)

  • * Date of event
  • * Location of event (street address or intersection, lat-long coordinates from phone/handheld GPS, or description with distinguishing features)
  • * Description of event (is it moving or sitting? what sizes and kinds of materials can you see? how thick is it? anything else that is noteworthy?)
  • * Time of witnessing
  • Time of event, or estimate of when the event occurred
  • Description of any damage
  • Is clean-up underway?
  • Can you provide photos, sketches, video? (please don’t send them until requested)
  • Witness’ name and contact info

*** IMPORTANT: Do not put yourself at risk in ANY way to obtain this information.
If the event is recent, more may be on the way. ***

Sue Perry
Staff Scientist
Multi-Hazard Demonstration Project for Southern California
United States Geological Survey
525 So. Wilson Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106
office: 626.583.6748
mobile: 818.285.9350

BAER Report Approved

Many of us have been waiting with baited breath for the Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) report and recommendations to be approved. The reason is that until the report was vetted, reviewed and approved no work by BAER teams could begin. So far only the general report is available, but it mentions several specifics that are heartening.

To download the report and read it yourself, go to:


Thanks, again, to Mike McIntyre for forwarding this information.

For more about BAER, check out Wikipedia,


Today in the Canyon

The following report was sent via e-mail by Duncan Baird. Thanks Duncan, for everything!  ~B~

Sand Bagging Supplies40 cubic yards of “material” was delivered by the Public Works Dept. to the overflow parking area of the Vogel Flats Picnic Area. The “material” came from the PW yard in La Crescenta.

3000 empty white plastic sand bags were also delivered by the County FD at the same location. (Art Vander Vis sent photos to all of you of the dirt and empty dirtbags).

I met this morning with Chris Stone in the Canyon. (Stone is Bill Saunder’s boss). He looked over our situation and was non-committal regarding “K” rail placement along your side (the river side) of Stonyvale. He did commit to email back to you (Adi) and I regarding the placement of sand bags and/or “K” rails. I explained to him our timeline as it relates to the work that the Baptists are going to begin next week. Mike Studebaker told me that his goal was to finish their work by Thanksgiving.

I briefly got involved in cat trap placement by my cement mixer.

Trent Sanders showed up in the canyon. (He is the former owner and builder of Bert and Catherine’s home). He had not been in the Canyon since he left 15 years ago. He lives in La Canada now.

I got some bad news from Verizon. They are NOT putting in fiber optic. The info about fiber optic that I had been given a couple of weeks ago was grossly erroneous. So, we’re back to HughsNet or dial-up, Oh, poop! And my dish MELTED!

It got very windy and therefore way too dusty to do much work.


Photo provided by Arthur Vander Vis, PE
Area Engineer
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Flood Maintenance, West Area

Chapel of the Hills UPDATE

This is an UPDATE on Chapel of the Hills Church donations and distribution, per a call directly to Pastor Pete today:

They only distribute to Station Fire survivors on Saturdays from 2-3:30 pm. They are including assistance along with their Sat. food ministry. They have things like blankets, clothing and small household items to give away.

Donations of clothing, shoes, housewares etc (no money, no cash) being accepted at:

Chapel of the Hills
1120 Oro Vista Ave.
Sunland, CA 91040-2029

Donations drop off can be accepted Monday – Thursday between 9am and 4pm.

Please direct friends and family to mail or deliver to the attention of:

Pastor Pete and Patty
(818) 352-1487

or email at: PastorPete@socal.rr.com

NOTE: They have not had too much traffic from Vogel Flats community members for assistance and they want to welcome anyone who wants to come by on Saturdays to see if there is anything they have on hand to giveaway would be helpful in replacing your lost items.