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Pianos, musical instrument sculpture

I am struck by the large number of pianos I have seen among the burned homes. I never knew there were so many pianos in our neighborhood because I never heard them played, and it is tragic to see them lying there.  I would like to make a sculpture out of any remains of musical instruments that were lost in the fire, and it is my hope that this could be used as a tool to help raise money to assist victims who lost so much.  Perhaps this could also be incorporated with some live music while on display at some time in the future. Please, if you find remains of your musical instruments and would like them to find rebirth in a work of art, contact me directly.

Mark Fitzsimmons
2062 La Paloma

Pro-Bono Legal Services Assist With Recovery Process


Contact: Abby McClelland (Free services only obtainable by making contact with Abby)
Phone: 1(800) 433-6251 x 137 or 1(818) 834-7537
Address: 13327 Van Nuys Blvd. Pacoima, CA 91331 1(800) 433-6251
Email: amcclelland@nls-la.org
Web site: www.nls-la.org

Neighborhood Legal Services is a non-profit legal services organization that gives free civil legal services to low-income residents of Los Angeles County. If we cannot help you directly or you are over our income limits, we can still assist in placing your case with a pro bono attorney or by giving you a free referral and consultation with a private bar attorney.

Neighborhood Legal Services provides these disaster-related services:

  • Housing questions (paying rent, mortgages, property taxes, utilities)
  • Housing options
  • Cleanup of the site (who is responsible, who pays for it)
  • Replacement of documents (immigration paperwork, proof of ownership and occupancy, other ID documents)
  • Assistance with SBA, and insurance disputes (coverage, amount of award, etc.)
  • Disability accommodations, either for temporary housing or new permanent housing (modifications for people with limited mobility, cleanup for people with respiratory problems, etc.)
  • Any other legal issues arising from the fires
  • Replacing lost or damaged medical equipment – diabetes supplies, wheelchairs, shower chairs and handrails, etc.

FREE Medicare Advocacy

Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)
Phone: 1-800-434-0222 or (213) 383-4519
Web site: www.healthcarerights.org

If you have questions about Medicare, call the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program. HICAP has highly trained staff and volunteers that provide free, unbiased individual assistance with all types of issues affecting people with disabilities. They have offices in every California County.

FREE Fire Insurance Advocacy

CARe, Inc. (Community Assisting Recovery)
1-888-216-8264 OR 1-800-748-9791 (leave a message)

CARe’s mission is to provide FREE comprehensive information about disaster recovery -including the insurance claim process – to disaster victims so they may effectively reestablish their homes, lives and communities. Navigating the maze of recovery is an overwhelming task to many survivors. We help ease that burden by educating people so they can help themselves through the process. All CARe volunteers and staff have lost their homes and successfully recovered from fire or earthquake disasters. They’ve been there and understand the needs of disaster survivors. It is the passion for “paying it forward” that draws survivors back to our organization to help survivors of the next disaster.

CARe’s website is filled with helpful tips and links. For a list of their downloadable/printable handouts, go to: