Angeles Rising is built on dreams…

The Dream that residents who lost everything will heal and rebuild.

The Dream that local officials and residents can come together and work in harmony to renew and restore the Angeles National Forest.

And the Dream that all of us can learn from this tragedy, discover new strengths, and make the world a better place as we move forward from disaster.

Help us to rise from the ashes.

~ B ~

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  1. Ricky Grubb says:

    I have promoted we start a “Native Plant Rescue Nursery” for 7 years here in Sunland/Tujunga. Many populations of wild native trees and plants are destroyed every year for new development and no seed or cutting collection is done.

    The foothill communities could each support their own Native Plant Rescue Nursery. Community owned and volunteer staffed. City/county/state and ANF SMMC support and interest at this time have significant attention is focused on our community’s losses (incl wildlife). Now we could ask for help starting the first Native Plant Rescue Nursery to propagate native plants to help replant burned out yards, re-landscape after rebuilding. Supporting genetic diversity by propagating and planting with local California natives, at less than wholesale cost, and will have an enduring civic institution dedicated to promotion and appreciation of local native plants, the Native Plant Rescue Nursery!

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