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Flood Insurance?

We have been wondering if we should buy flood insurance. Here is what we have learned so far. This info might be helpful to those with houses still standing in Big Tujunga who are concerned about flooding and debris.

Our house probably won’t have water coming in, but we are worried about mud and rocks. Flood insurance won’t cover mud and rocks unless it’s a cubic acre or more of it coming down (so the policy seems to say–another policy from floodsmart says ‘two acres’ of mud, but many landslides are specifically excluded–read it here ).

Another paragraph in the floodsmart policy says

“We do not insure for loss to any building or personal property located on land leased from the Federal Government, arising from or incident to the flooding of the land by the Federal Government, where the lease expressly holds the Federal Government harmless under flood insurance issued under any Federal Government program.”

All of these things make it pretty clear that we would not be covered by flood insurance unless our house was close enough to water to be completely inundated, so I asked about Fair Plan’s coverage.

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Pianos, musical instrument sculpture

I am struck by the large number of pianos I have seen among the burned homes. I never knew there were so many pianos in our neighborhood because I never heard them played, and it is tragic to see them lying there.  I would like to make a sculpture out of any remains of musical instruments that were lost in the fire, and it is my hope that this could be used as a tool to help raise money to assist victims who lost so much.  Perhaps this could also be incorporated with some live music while on display at some time in the future. Please, if you find remains of your musical instruments and would like them to find rebirth in a work of art, contact me directly.

Mark Fitzsimmons
2062 La Paloma