Station Fire Support Group


I am collecting names of folks impacted by the Station Fire that would be interested in participating in a Support Group.

I am the Administrator for the San Fernando Valley Long Term Recovery Group serving residents from the Sayre/Marek Wildfires in ’08.

We created a very successful support group for Sylmar and Lake View Terrace residents and we’d like to do the same for your community.

It’s still in the planning stages, and in order for us to officially move forward with arranging a space to hold the group, we have to know how much interest there is.

Support groups are ideally a maximum of 12-15 participants. They are held on a once a week basis and would be facilitated by a mental health professional.  If there are more than 12-15 interested residents, we will work on creating a second support group if necessary.

This is a great way for neighbors to keep in touch, and have a safe and supportive environment to release their concerns at this traumatic time. Together, you can work towards emotional recovery. Also note that whether you had a complete loss, partial loss, or no loss, everyone in this community has been affected by this disaster and all are welcome to register.  There will no fee for this service.

Please contact me either by phone or email if you are interested in signing up at: